NBI CLEARANCE HIT STATUS – Reasons of NBI Hit in Getting Clearance

NBI Clearance HIT Status

January 1, 2022, Updated.

NBI Clearance HIT Status

It indicates that either you or your namesake (i.e., an individual who shares the same name while you) is linked to records or information which might have a criminal record.

NBI Clearance Hit nbi clearance hit NBI CLEARANCE HIT STATUS – Reasons of NBI Hit in Getting Clearance NBI Clearance HIT Status 1

How does the NBI clearance Hit work?

Every time someone applies for an NBI clearance, an NBI personnel combs through their criminal database to evaluate for virtually any criminal record, also called “derogatory records” -associated with the applicant’s name.

An “NBI Clearance Hit” occurs when the search returns a suspicious result. At this point, one can get a “hit” regardless if the criminal case is associated with you or a namesake. The verification process is going to take place down the road.

Take note that civil cases like annulments, ejectments, and funds claims aren’t covered by the NBI clearance and therefore not contained in the database.

The NBI Criminal Database can be a collection of criminal offender records extracted from the next:

  • Courts (MTC, MTCC, MCTC, and RTC).
  • Prosecution Service (City and Provincial Prosecution Offices).
  • Ombudsman and Sandiganbayan.
  • Police and AFP records.
  • Others.

Needless to say, it’s impossible for any fugitive with pending criminal cases to escape the watchful eyes of the NBI.

In fact, the ” NBI Clearance Hit” status continues to be instrumental in assisting the NBI catch criminals who may have for ages been hiding.

Of course, don’t assume all applications with “hit” status find themselves in jail.

To verify whether or not the criminal case is under you or your namesake’s, NBI delays the issuance with the clearance.

How many days to obtain NBI clearance when you have NBI Clearance Hit status?

Applicants with an NBI Clearance Hit Status status receive a five- to some ten-day waiting period when NBI researchers meticulously see if the “derogatory records” are part of you or a namesake.

Once proven the NBI Clearance Hit is the consequence of namesake who committed or suspected of a crime, a criminal record can merely return to NBI office as soon as the waiting period and claim the clearance with no additional fee.

In case the “derogatory records” have been proven to actually participate in you, the NBI will demand one to attend an “NBI Clearance Quality Control Interview.”

The purpose of the interview is always to permit the NBI Agents to experience a closer examination of your respective identity. Unless you’re a fugitive, you don’t have to be worried especially for those who have been absolved of one’s past criminal case/s.

Before you attend the job interview, don’t forget to bring the following requirements:

After proving that this case is dismissed, your NBI clearance hit will be issued for your requirements immediately.

On the opposite hand, applicants with pending cases in Courts has likewise issued a clearance however the cases will likely be reflected within their clearances upon release.

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